The Peruvian Association for Attention Deficit (APDA) is a nonprofit organization founded by mothers of ADHD kids; its main goal is to spread up-to-date information about this disorder.

APDA started its activities on ADHD late in 2002 with a round table discussion, in 2004 it held a one day course and in 2007 a two day international course. The School for Mothers —led by our president— meets periodically with mothers who have recently come in contact with us. Since April, 2005, the president of our institution also holds eight-week workshops on ADHD Coaching for mothers; the fifty second workshop was completed in November 2011.

APDA issues an electronic newletter which is sent —without charge— to more than 8,500 e-mails of people interested in ADHD; it contains articles written for us by Peruvian and foreign expert professionals, as well as real-life stories written by parents and by people with this disorder. Twenty seven newsletters have been issued so far; all of them can be read on this website: link.

APDA’s members participate in international events on ADHD and also promote the spread of knowledge about this disorder in the Peruvian media —through interviews, letters and articles—; they also participate in debates when they consider that the public has received information that is not true. Our institution also gives lectures in schools of Lima, addressed to teachers, psychologists and parents.

Since April, 2004, APDA is a member of the IBEROAMERICAN FORUM, an institution which coordinates and brings together institutions and people in spanish and portuguese speaking countries working in the field of ADHD. It meets at the CHADD International Conference each year, since 2000.

The following is APDA’s board of directors: president Beatriz Duda, vice-president Maya Echegaray and treasurer Rosa Maria Gastañeta. Our advisor neurologist is Dr. Armando Filomeno; our advisor coach is Ose Schwab.